Pink Floydesque sounds drifting through the atmosphere, blending their sound waves with Porcupine Tree, Metric, My Morning Jacket and Kate Bush, twirling the sound around Phish and early 70s Zeppelin, then hurtling the melded sonic vibration through a black hole at the speed of light until it returns as a unique and utterly heartfelt explosion of progressive, epic art rock.


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For more videos, check us out on Youtube!

Here's our official video for the first single, "White Noise" off of our upcoming album. Winner VIMA 2016 Music Video of the Year!

Here's a video that's a 'live off the floor' sound recording done in one take. This is 'Your Battery's Dyin'. Thanks to the team at Ragnarock for helping us film it and everyone who helped us pull this together.

A short clip from a much longer jam over at the Sleeping Bag Studios in Vancouver back in the Fall. This is a short bit of our 20 minute opus,'This Town will Kill You'. Thanks to Jer for letting us rock out at his place.

Local videographer/photographer, Adam Lee captured us playing this song for the first time live at the V-lounge in Victoria. We ended up naming it 'Blue Marble' - it will be on our upcoming album.

Here is some video footage that local videographer, Darren Ho captured of us playing 'Yer Battery's Dyin'' at Lucky Bar in May 2013. Photon was doing amazing visuals to go with all the songs, you can see just a bit in this video.

Here is a little clip that our friend, Hon took at a gig we did at Rehab in Victoria in February (2013). It's a bit from the middle section of 'Minnow'. Rare footage as this is quite the epic song, with Adam playing the iPhone theramin and Caroline playing the saw, but not a lot of video of us playing it live.

Another bit of rare footage, as we don't play this song as much anymore. Here's a video from a fundraiser we did at the Solstice Cafe for the UVIC MS Society back in 2012. Thanks to our friend, Terry for the footage. This is 'Fueled by Consequence'.





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